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Injured AWOL Full-Time National Serviceman On The Run From Police


An injured full-time national serviceman who is wanted by the Singapore Armed Forces for being absent without leave is now on the run from the police.

The 22-year-old, said to be spotting lacerations on his left thigh, was one of two men questioned by police at 6.10am yesterday (20 Jan) during checks at Block 365 Woodlands Avenue 1.

He fled the scene and follow-up investigations showed that he was wanted for being AWOL.

The man is still at large.

About 200 cases of full-time NSFs going AWOL happen every year, according to Senior Minister of State for Defence Dr Maliki Osman.

14 percent of these cases involve NSFs who are facing financial hardships.

Every Singaporean male is forced to serve 2 years of national service in the SAF, police force, or civil defence once they turn 18 years old.

During this period of conscription, they receive a monthly allowance averaging 30 percent of what a regular officer in a similar vocation earns.



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