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Internet Attacks Girl who Ditched Guy on V-Day for “Marriot Hotel Staycation with Mom”

A girl known as “Lucille” has become the Internet’s latest fall girl, after allegedly ditching her date for Valentine’s Day and living it up at the Marriot South Beach hotel with someone she claimed was her mother.

This comes after a friend of the dumped guy shared his story online.

Said Aeris Kaelia:

“This happened to my friend yesterday, he got flown aeroplane by this girl whom agreed to go out with him on a date on Valentine’s Day. They planned it together, and it is IMPOSSIBLE she fucking forgot and SO conveniently booked a staycation THAT AFTERNOON, in the evening with her ‘mother.’”

What got the girl outed was her Facebook posts, which included captions like:

“’Staycation + chips + chocolate. I’m so glad you liked it”

Or, in the words of Aeris:

“You think we all stupid is it. Who goes on a dinner and then a staycation with their “mum” on Valentine’s Day with that kind of caption on their pictures.”


The internet has since turned on “Lucille” with some even sharing her address online.

Others who claim to have been led on by her and dumped at the last minute also shared their supposed encounters.

Apparently, the V-Day victim “actually bothered to go and buy a present for her y’know and booked the tickets to the movie.

Screenshots posted by Aeris showed a conversation between “Lucille” and the V-Day Victim, in which they agreed to meet for dinner and a movie, only for her to go missing at the last minute.


And when following up on the incident, Aeris said “Lucille” incidentally didn’t know that the V-Day victim was interested in her.




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