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Jurong Scare: Sotong Driver Drives Against Direction of Traffic in the Right Lane

Remember that Mercedes u-turn-and-kill incident on the AYE not too long ago?

This time, another reckless bugger pulled a similar stunt in Jurong!

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, which took place on Mon (2 Jan) at Gateway Drive towards Westgate shopping mall.

This sotong driver was spotted driving against the flow of traffic on the right most lane of the road – the road where cars usually travel faster since in Singapore we overtake on the right.

A stunned like vegetable driver caught the incident on his dashboard camera.

However, the footage looks too blurry to identify the number plate of the sotong driver.

For a moment, even the driver seemed confused as to whether it was him who was driving the wrong way.

But, yeah lah, he was, it was that sotong who got it wrong.


Drive safe!


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