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Karang Guni Uncle Wants a New Bride and He Isn’t Shy About Finding One (Sorry Ah, Ladies Only)

One marriage down, but this karang guni uncle hasn’t given up on finding true love.

Armed with his karang guni lorry and a huge banner, the 59-year-old is giving Tinder the middle finger and going around seeking a new mate in the most in-your-face way possible.

But you’ve got to fit the bill to snag this creative loverboy – either Singaporean or Malaysian, and in your 40s to 50s.

And, he specifically and in no uncertain terms states, you’ve got to be FEMALE (uncle also quite cheeky ah).

If you’re keen on snagging uncle Steven Chan, you better act fast.

He’s apparently made a date next week with a 46-year-old (presumably female) who saw his banner and decided “Aiya, try and see how lah”.

The first time Uncle Steven got married was 20 years ago, following two months of courtship.

But his marriage broke down, he says, because of differences in thinking and constant fights.

Now with his daughter all-grown up (at 23 years old, we’re looking to date her instead), it appears that the time is ripe for new love to blossom!

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