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Karen Tan and Karen Ow Charged for East Coast Flying Cyclist Scuffle

Two karens have been charged for rash act following their wild altercation last Fri (2 Jun) along East Coast Road.

Driver karen 31-year-old Nicolette Tan Shi-en, was driving alongside cyclist karen 49-year-old Elaine Michele Ow when for reasons yet to be established, Tan angered Ow.

When traffic came to a stop, cyclist karen Ow dismounted and confronted driver karen Tan, standing in front of her car and yelling at her.

Driver karen Tan couldn’t stand it anymore after several minutes of such badgering.

She got out of her car and can be heard shouting that she has already apologised and asking the cyclist karen what else she wanted from her.

Driver karen Tan then lifted the cyclist karen’s bicycle and placed it by the roadside and got back into her car.

Cyclist karen Ow, seeing that the car was about to move off, jumped on the bonnet of the car.

Driver karen didn’t stop.

Realising that, the cyclist karen became frightened and began yelling and pounding on the windshield.

This continued until the car turned into the driveway of the nearby i12 Katong shopping mall.

The cases for driver karen and cyclist karen will be heard on 4 July.

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