Kiasu Parents Spend S$5000 for Etiquette Coach to Teach Pre-Teens Manners

Would you pay S$5000 for an etiquette specialist to come to your home and spend 8 hours teaching your children social etiquette?

Well, some parents are doing just that.

Like one couple living in a 4-room flat who forked out the dough so an etiquette specialist would teach their 9-year-old and 5-year-old kids proper manners – at the dining table, and in company.

That’s according to etiquette coach, Ms Zhang Si Li (the lovely lady pictured above).

She started teaching etiquette classes back in 2007, and she says the number of parents who are signing up their kids for such classes are growing every year.

Some kids that she’s taught are just 4-years-old!

The lessons include polite talk, table manners, dressing well, and even phone etiquette.

Ms Zhang says that it’s important for people to know their manners, especially given the competitive job market in Singapore.

She said, “Knowing how to behave in social situations gives people more self-confidence.”

If Ms Zhang or any other specialist is teaching beer-drinking-while-eating-chicken-wings etiquette, they can email us at mail@redwiretimes.com.

It’s much-needed!

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