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Lao Goh: Lee Siblings’ Allegations are a “Wilful Attack” and could be a Personal Vendetta


Former Prime Minister, Senior Minister,  and now Emeritus Senior Minister, and MP for Marine Parade Goh Chok Tong has spoken out against the allegations by Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling.

He called their allegations a wilful attack on the integrity of our leaders and the insidious erosion of public faith in our institutions.

Mr Goh said that he retains the view that PM Lee should sue, but can understand his dilemma “being the eldest in the family and hopes of reconciliation even at the cost to his own political standing”

Mr Goh said that “neither the money nor the house” is the real issue, referring to the dispute over the fate of 38 Oxley Road, but only a figleave for the deep cracks within the family, cracks which probably started years ago.”

He questioned the intentions of the 2 younger Lee siblings:

“Are they whistleblowing in the noble effort to save Singapore, or waging a personal vendetta without any care for the damage done to Singapore?”

“It is clear that their goal is to bring Lee Hsien Loong down as PM.”

“There must be a clear conclusion at the end of this debate -either we clear PM over the allegations of his abuse of power, or we censure him.”

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