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Laundromat Washing Machine Glass “Explodes”, Customer Blamed for Lacking Common Sense

Would you wash a baby’s playpen in a washing machine?

That’s what one couple tried to do at a Mister Wash laundromat at Block 120 Canberra Crescent last Sunday (10 Sep).

A woman who doesn’t want to be named said she was walking past the laundromat that evening when she heard the washing machine spinning violently, followed by the sound of glass breaking.

Turning to look, she saw glass shards scattered everywhere.

The washing machine then spat out a baby’s playpen and several pieces of clothing through the gaping hole where the glass was.

The woman took a video of the scene, and she said that the couple told her to delete the video.

According to her the couple “spoke fluent English” and seemed to be well-educated, which is why she cannot understand how they could “lack common sense” and try to wash a playpen in a washing machine.

The laundromat owner, Sam Lim, said that the laundromat has a notice informing customers about items which cannot be machine-washed.

However, he said, there are “too many things” such that not everything can be listed down.

Lim estimates that the cost of repairing the machine will come up to around S$1000.

He is planning to discuss compensation with the couple for the damaged machine.

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