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Lee Siblings: We have Much More Evidence to Show to an Independent Investigation

Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling have brought their social media Leekileaks revelations to a close.

But they say there’s more evidence they have to show, which they will produce if an independent investigation is launched into the conduct of their Big Bro, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The 2 younger Lee siblings said this in a statement released this morning.

“It seems that releasing further evidence on social media at this time will only muddy the facts, and put pressure on government agencies to make excuses for PM Lee. If there is ever a truly independent inquiry to examine the evidence, they are welcome to ask. Ultimately, it is up to the people of Singapore whether they hold Lee Hsien Loong to a true accounting.”

Commenting on the recent parliamentary session in which PM Lee Hsien Loong defended himself and had other PAP MPs and ministers defend him, they said that the session raised more questions than answers.

One accusation hurled against the Lee siblings was they lacked concrete evidence to back their allegations.

They say that they have much evidence to produce which is “not suited to social media” and say they will produce this evidence to a “truly open and independent investigation.”

“We have provided part of the evidence, and have been met with hostility and denial. The recent Parliament sitting raised more questions than answers. As we had no opportunity to present our point of view in Parliament, we have no choice but to make our responses through this letter.”

On 14 June this year, Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee released a 6-page statement accusing PM Lee of abuse of power and nepotism.

They followed up with further Leekileaks supporting their accusations.

The siblings stand by their actions, saying they were pushed to a corner and bullied by the organs of the state, which have been twisted to work in favour of PM Lee.

However, they will no longer publish more Leekileaks on social media in the interest of Singapore.

“We love Singapore, and want only that it prospers, under a government that has integrity and respects the rule of law. We would not have brought this dispute into the public eye, if there was a neutral and unbiased venue to resolve our differences in private.”

The siblings maintain that PM Lee has used the organs of the state, including state media and a ministerial committee, to dishonour Lee Kuan Yew’s wish that 38 Oxley Road be torn down.

This, they say, while he was maintaining a public image of being a filial son.

“Would you keep quiet, if you were executors of your father’s will, and your brother abused his position to challenge your father’s court-proven will and undermine your father’s dying wish? Were our father alive today, he would be furious about this situation.

The Lee siblings say that it is only right that 38 Oxley Road be demolished, and have proposed that in its place a memorial garden be built in LKY’s memory.

“His wishes are crystal clear: He wanted to demolish the house because he knew it was the right thing for Singapore. He did not want Singaporeans to create a cult around him. And our mother did not want strangers to invade their home. Their wishes are consistent with what is best for Singapore.”

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