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Legendary US Investor Jim Rogers Loves Singapore, Shuns “Third World” America

Jim Rogers. That name probably doesn’t ring a bell for those not in tune with the finance scene, but the 72-year-old Singapore-based investor is the man who co-founded Quantum Fund with fellow investor pal George Soros.

Rogers has made millions several times over dabbling in the finance world, and the investment guru who has made Singapore his home apparently has only positive things to say about our tiny island. The legendary investor is so well-integrated that he has shunned expat-centric international schools for his kids. His children, Happy, 12, and Bee, 7, attend Nanyang Primary School.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Rogers said:

“We’re extremely happy with Nanyang. If I have a complaint, it’s that they really work these kids very very hard. My daughters had more homework in the first two or three years than I had. It’s astonishing how advanced their work is. I cannot help my daughter with her math anymore. I could never help her with Chinese. It’s amazing how advanced it is. Certainly they’re learning things I didn’t learn till 10th or 11th grade.”

Rogers works from home, and has apparently taken quite a shine to Singapore.

“We’re never at a loss for a symphony, plays. There’s plenty of stuff for us to do in Singapore. More and more events come to Singapore. I’ve heard people say Singapore was boring. Maybe it was once upon a time. It certainly has not been boring for us.”

But when it comes to his homeland, the American is pretty critical:

“If you land at JFK, you land at a third-world airport, go through third-world immigration and go in a third-world taxi on a third-world highway, and stay in a third-world five-star hotel. I’m very happy we sold our house.”

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