LETTERS: NUS First-Class Honours Degree Worth Less than Some “No-Brand” US Degree?


FELIX OW: In 2004, Yeo Cheng San bought a set of fake Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and a post-grad diploma stating that he graduated from Florida International University in Human Resource Management.

He put that in his CV and snagged jobs at 3 firms where he would earn S$9000 to S$12,800 a month.

Yeo was a former owner of a hair salon (“former” because his hair salon uplorry cos no business).

And then, in 2013 we have: Chin Ming Lik, who forger a NUS First Class Civil Engineering degree and an A-Level certificate.

Chin also forged several documents for courses accredited by MOM, including a lifting supervisor safety course, a risk management course and a construction safety course, and lied that he had 16 years of experience in the construction sector.

For all that effort, Chin was hired by various building and construction firms and given jobs with monthly salaries of between S$3,500 and S$9,000.

Here’s the ranking of NUS and Florida International University compared:

Somehow, either wages in Singapore have been severely depressed such that a HR manager in 2004 can earn so much more than a building & construction manager in 2013.

Or, a NUS First Class Honours (plus accreditation from government agencies) just doesn’t “impress” as much as a degree from some middle-tier never heard before school from the US.

If so, what’s the point of studying so hard?



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