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LETTERS: Unfair of LTA to Reserve Half of a Whole Road for Buses Only while Charging Drivers Premiums

JASON: To bring to your attention this, that a stretch of Bencoolen Street has been reserved for buses only. The problem is, the government essentially choped one lane out of a two-lane road for buses, the remaining one lane for cars. You can see that this one remaining lane even has the filter right option, so if a car wants to make a turn think about how long everybody behinds must wait in traffic.

Such a move, I feel, is terribly unfair to drivers. What the hell we pay road tax, COE, ERP (yeah to get to Bencoolen you need to cross ERP gantry), insurance, and then the price of the car. Then when traffic is below the “optimal” speed, blame car drivers and raise ERP again? The price of one bloody Toyota Altis here can get you a limousine in the United States. And now the government goes chopes even more road space for public transport?

I am worried that the government might implement more of such nonsense across Singapore roads. Look, I know that the government is trying to encourage public transport usage and cycling over driving your own car as part of the whole car-lite thing, but this is taking things a little too far. As it is now, some 3-lane roads in town are already reserved for buses only until 11pm (those with the red markings, don’t anyhow play), so private car drivers are left with only 70 percent road space left. Now, it tends to roll out more roads where we only have 50 percent road space?

Like that, I think drivers should lodge complaints with the LTA. How can you charge us a premium for everything and take away more and more every other year? Totally absurd!


Thanks Jing Wen for this letter.
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