“Low-Class” SCDF Boyfriend Dumps “Elite” Girlfriend: She Even Threw Away My SCDF Singlet!


Remember that anonymous girlfriend who complained about her boyfriend wanting to join the Singapore Civil Defence Force because it was a “low-class” occupation?

Well, she’s not longer “girlfriend” because she’s just got dumped.

We’ll let you read his #NTUConfessions22475 reply because really, there’s nothing we can add to this that will make it more bad-ass.

“I am the guy in question from this confession #NTUConfessions22475.

I know we had disagreements about my career path. But I never knew till today that you though of my career as a “low class job”

I never knew that saving people is a low class job

I never knew my actions to determine life or death is low class

I never knew that getting my hands dirty is low class

I am shocked my your immaturity. I know your parents already do not like me because they are considered “elites”

I am disgusted by your words, and the comments on the posts are right, I should end the relationship

Enjoy your ivory tower you pampered princess. I hope you do not suffer the fate of Prince Joffrey from GOT because he is exactly like you. Spoilt, full of hate and everything has to go your way.

I can’t even wear my SCDF singlet IN MY OWN HOUSE AND YOU HAD THE AUDACITY TO THROW IT ALL AWAY? Christ sake, I really hope i don’t have to meet you in your time of need.

Goodbye, it was nice at the start but it got very heavy quickly. I’m surprised it lasted 2 years”



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