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LTA Officer Caught Parking Illegally to Saman Vehicle for Illegal Parking


“Don’t see why they cannot stop behind the van to issue summon. Had to block the pathway…”

That’s what Darren Ong had to say when he caught a Land Transport Authority Office parking his motorcycle on the pavement to carry out parking enforcement.

Parking your motor vehicle on a pavement is illegal in Singapore (take a look at the long list of parking offences here).

Said Ong:

“Your officer busy issuing summon to a van parked by the road side but surely that doesnt entitle your officer to park his bike this way, blocking up the pedestrian walkway?”

Ong has alerted the LTA and the police to the matter.

But why bao toh the LTA officer until so jialat?

Ong says, “They never give face to road users also ma…”


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