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LTA Officer Parks Illegally while Saman-ing Others for Similar Offence


Are LTA officers above the law when it comes to traffic rules?

That’s what one concerned citizen wants to know.

Frank Tham spotted this LTA motorcycle parked illegally near to the National Library while checking to see whether other vehicles have committed the same offence!

He wants to know if this is standard protocol approved by the LTA.

“This photograph was taken at 12.05pm 20th May 2016 at the side road next to National Library, the enforcement officer just standing on other side of the road near library busily checking on the illegal traffic offences without knowing the he has park his bike illegally, I have confirmed with him that his is the rider of the bike and asked for permission to take a photograph, he said yes and encourage me to question LTA why he could do so. To LTA I will ask, if you have authorised the illegal parking, would you consider the instruction also illegal?”


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