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Maid Accused of Sexually Abusing Employers’ Daughters: “She Placed Her Mouth, Face and Hands at My Child’s Private Parts”

An angry father has gone public with CCTV footage and an audio interview, accusing a maid he hired of sexually abusing his 2 daughters.

Angry Dad said that the maid, who had been working for him for 6 months, touched the girls inappropriately on several occasions.

Describing the alleged sexual abuse of his one-year-old daughter, Angry Dad said:

“The helper removed her glasses and opened my child’s legs forcefully. She placed her mouth, face and hands at my child’s private parts repeatedly, despite my child pushing away.”

Angry Dad also recorded a conversation he had with his four-year-old daughter in which she gave an account of the alleged sexual abuse she experienced.

Angry Dad asked the girl where the maid touched her, to which she replied:

“Private part and butt.”

He then asked whether the maid was playing with her, or touching her without asking, and she replied that the maid had touched her without her permission.

Angry Dad then asked if she felt pain when the maid touched her.

The girl said, “Yes”, and said that the maid did not stop even after she was asked to.

Angry Dad says his older daughter is still traumatised by the sexual abuse even though the maid has since left, and is seeking counselling for her.

He has seen her several times curled up on the floor with her hand over her private parts.

Angry Dad has reported the incidents to the National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment (NAVH) and the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware).

“Both Aware and NAVH took immediate actions which led to police and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) being involved.”

Angry Dad is pursuing action against the maid to make sure justice is served, and to sound a warning to other parents.

“I want to ensure that child abuses will not be taken lightly and no other children have to suffer for the lack of actions again.”

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