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Maid Frames 83-Year-Old Employer for Physical Abuse so she can Go Home to Indonesia

Less than a month after being hired as a maid, Susilawati Narsim Sunah wanted to go back home to Indonesia.

So she came up with a scheme to frame her elderly employer, 83-year-old ah ma Mdm Lim Chin Ai, of physical abuse.

In November last year, she took a taxi to the Manpower Ministry and accused Mdm Lim of hitting her on several occasions between April and November 2016.

A police report was maid.

When police questioned her, Susilawai claimed she was slapped by Ah Ma when she was slow to take a glass of water, and that Ah Ma had hit her on the leg with her walking stick.

Police later questioned Ah Ma, who said that at 83-years-old she had difficulty moving around without her walking stick and wouldn’t have been able to attack anybody at all.

Susilawati finally came clean when she was interviewed by a deputy public prosecutor from the AGC.

She admitted that she cooked up the story so she could return to Indonesia.

Susilawati has been jailed for 4 weeks for lying to the MOM and the police.



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