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Maid Poisons Employer’s Grandchildren with Dettol Cocktail to Avoid Doing Work

To avoid work, an Indonesian maid mixed together a Dettol cocktail in the hope of poisoning her employer’s family.

Fortunately, none of them who drank the vile mixture fell ill.

The incident took place on 4 Aug.

18-year-old Mila Rindi Antika knew that her employer’s grandsons, aged 10 and 11, would visit around 3 times a week.

They would frequently drink Ribena when they came to visit.

With that in mind, Mila put Dettol antiseptic into a bottle of Ribena cordial.

Later, her employer prepared Ribena drinks for her 32-year-old son and her 2 grandchildren, using the Dettol-tainted bottle of cordial.

Upon tasting the drink, her younger grandson complained that it tasted strange.

That’s when Mila’s employer examined the drink and detected a strong chemical smell.

At first, the employer thought that Mila had not washed the cup properly.

But her sister opened the bottle of cordial and said that the smell was coming from there.

The employer asked Mila if she had added anything to the cordial.

Mila denied doing so.

The employer kept the bottle of Ribena cordial in her room and let the matter rest.

However, 2 days later, she saw the bottle of Dettol and reported the matter to the police.

Upon questioning, Mila claimed that she had been emotionally abused and underfed.

However, a medical examination did not find her to be underweight.

She then said that she committed the deed to get out of doing work.

Authorities affirmed that Mila was too young, at 18 years old, to be working in Singapore as a maid – maids must be at least 23 years old.

Court documents did not state whether she or any other relevant parties would face legal action for that.

Mila has pleaded guilty to the charge of performing a rash act that could cause hurt to others.

She has been sentenced to 4 months jail.

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