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Maid Punched Sickly Ah Ma for Dripping Porridge

Angry that the 72-year-old Ah Ma under her care couldn’t swallow her porridge properly, this Myanmar maid lashed out and punched her.

Mynanmar national Gracy Law Rice has been jailed for 4 months for her attack on Ah Ma Mdm Wong Poh Lin, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

The incident took place on 10 July last year.

Rice was employed by Ah Ma’s eldest daughter in April last year as she was weak and had difficulty walking.

The 24-year-old’s duties were to care for Ah Ma and her husband, who live in a Whampoa Drive flat by themselves.

On 10 July, Rice was feeding Ah Ma porridge when some of it dribbled out of her mouth.

Because of that, Rice punched her in the chest.

When Ah Ma’s daughter spotted the bruises, she sent Ah Ma to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

A medical check revealed that she bruises to her chest and left buttock, and cuts on her right shin, right elbow and left cheek.

Ah Ma’s daughter later informed her brother about the injuries and he made a police report.

Investigations showed that Rice had caused Ah Ma to sustain the injuries on her face, right leg and buttocks accidentally.

Rice couldn’t explain the cause of the other injuries.

This was the first time Rice physically abused Ah Ma.

Previously, she would shout at Ah Ma when she couldn’t swallow porridge.



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