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Malaysian Woman Offers Her Breast Milk to Baby of Tanjong Kling Fire Victim

A Malaysian teacher working in Johor has offered to provide breast milk to the baby, whose mom was killed in the fire at Tanjong Kling earlier this week.

30-year-old teacher Bonnie See says she felt sad for the 4-month-old girl, who had been breastfed by her mom since she was born.

Bonnie is willing to share her breast milk, even though she is now breast-feeding her baby boy as well.

She had also breastfed her daughter, who’s now 4-years-old.

“I believe that breast milk is the best food for babies. If Lim’s family members allow it, I would provide the girl with my breast milk as long as I am able to do so or until she is two.”

Lim Siaw Chian was also 30-years-old when she was killed in the factory fire.

She had just resumed work from maternity leave when the fire broke out.

Her father says that the child is now under the care of a babysitter, and he will discuss Bonnie’s father with her husband.

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