Man Claims Stranger Boasted to Him about Drugging and Raping a 6-Year-Old Girl

In a story that has ruffled many feathers, a local man Jaralle shared online screenshots of his conversation with another man who claimed to have drugged a 6-year-old girl and had sex with her.

The strange part of this tale is that the alleged pedophile was a stranger to Jaralle and contacted him out of the blue.

Said Jaralle:

““Yo guys watch out for this man, this guy’s a fucking pedophile. A police report has already been filed, but I’m just sharing this so people can see what kind of person he is. I had to play along to see what kinda shit he’s done and apparently he’s done some shit with a fucking 6 year old kid. For the love of everything holy, please fucking just kill this pedophile of a man. He’s also been spreading shit about a girl, whom I don’t know, but spreading shit about somebody ain’t cool. Guys just share or whatever this. Fucking disgusting creature.”

Apparently he closed his Facebook account so it cannot be found now. For those who think I have close ties with him, I DO NOT. So I do not know any personal information about the man. I posted this because I was pretty much pissed when he showed me and mentioned about the kid he messed with, especially using drugs.

Multiple people have came to me and told me that his account was hacked. It may or may not be Darien who is behind this, but hacker or not, the person must still be caught due to possession of child porn, drugging a kid and even possible rape.”

The man who allegedly sent the messages is a “Darien Tan”.

Jaralle says Tan contacted him unexpectedly to discuss girls and one thing led to another.


However acquaintances of Tan say his account was hacked and it wasn’t him who sent the messages.

The police have been alerted to the incident.



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