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Marine Parade Hawker Stall Charges S$2.60 Charge for an Empty Bowl

Sharing comes at a price if you patronise this dessert stall at Marine Parade Food Centre.

One uncle found out the hard way when he wanted to share a bowl of cheng tng he was eating with a friend.

When he asked the dessert stall staff for an empty bowl, he was told that he would have to pay S$2.60 for one.

Calling it “unreasonable”, the uncle said that stallholders should not use inflation as an excuse to take advantage of customers.

Apparently, the stall stopped offering empty bowls to patrons roughly one year ago.

A stall worker said that the stall calculates its daily sales by “looking at the number of empty bowls”.

In addition, the worker said that some customers do not return the bowls to the stall and as a result they were losing around 2 to 3 bowls every day.

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