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Married Man Demands “Sex Sometimes” from Maid Otherwise No Contract!

A horny married man’s sex proposition to a prospective maid has been exposed online.

The man had gone to a maid agency to employ domestic help when he managed to get the phone number of a maid that he had cast his eye on.

He then started messaging the maid directly, starting with asking about her personal details and expected salary.

Then, he proposed the deal-breaker – sex or not contract.

In his text messages, the man said:

“I saw ur photo you look nice”

“My final term what I say you have to show me and second is just silent no need to tell anybody specially my wife and agent”

“I can give you gifts and extra money if you follow my terms”

When the maid didn’t understand what he meant, he explained:

“About sex sometimes if you agree”

When she didn’t reply, he said:

“It’s ok I will no force you just think and let me know ok otherwise I will find other”

Asking too much of domestic “help”, perhaps?


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