Media Literacy Council Refuses to Apologise after Coming Under Fire for Publishing Fake News

Singapore’s fake news committee has been accused of publishing fake news.

So has the Chairman of the fake news committee.

And, the Deputy Chairman too!

Now, the Media Literacy Council has been whacked by eager-eyed netizens for publishing a supposed online falshoods.

In this case, the Media Literacy Council posted an advertisement classifying “satire” and “clickbait” news articles as fake news.

Netizens called out the Council on both counts.

You see, because “fake news” according to the government’s definition, does not include “satire or parody”, or any attempts at creative advertising which do not purport falsehoods.

The post and subsequent response by the Media Literacy Council’s has dented its credibility.

Especially, since it launched a “fact-checking service” aimed at dispelling fake news.

But anyway, for the sake of satire:

“There was once a rat that got caught stealing cheese. The owner of the cheese, a fat and extremely obese gentleman, caught the rat and accused the rat of theft. The rat indignantly refused to apologise, and replied that it was trying its best to help the fat cheese-owner lose weight.”

Fake news?

No, that’s just an anecdote (or satire, or parody, but definitely not fake news lah).





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