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Metal Rods Fall from Balestier Construction Site, almost Smashing a Bus and Killing Pedestrians

Commuters on a bus at Balestier Rd yesterday should probably go and buy 4D because they are damn heng to still be alive.

At about 5pm, a bunch of metal rods reportedly fell from the 11th storey of a condominium that is under construction smashing into Balestier Rd.

The construction site in question is VIIO@Balestier.

An eyewitness says 5 metal rods of about 6-metres in length fell from a crane that was lifting them to the 11th floor of the building.

4 of the rods hit Balestier road and scattered across 2 lanes of the 3-lane road.

The last one fell into a nearby drain.

“I saw 5 metal rods and some small metal parts fall from the sky. It was very scary. The traffic light turned green and cars started moving. A bus was about to drive forward when the metal bars crashed down in front of it. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it was hit by the bars.”

The rod that fell into the ditch almost hit a man and woman in their 20s who were walking along the pavement.

Luckily, landed just behind them.

“They heard a loud sound, turned around and saw the metal rod, then were so stunned they couldn’t move.”

In a check this afternoon, the rods have been cleared.

However, road works are causing a jam along Balestier Road.



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