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Migrant Worker Returns from India Holiday with Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infection

A migrant worker who went home to India for a holiday last month found himself infected with a flesh-eating bacteria.

42-yearold operations manager Amjath Khan, who has been working in Singapore for 13 years, said that he felt something amiss when he started feeling a pain in his right leg after his India holiday.

He saw a doctor and was diagnosed as suffering from gout.

However, his “gout” condition didn’t improve despite taking medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Then, on 31 Aug, Khan couldn’t breathe and felt his whole body had swelled.

He was rushed to Changi General Hospital, where doctors said he had been infected by a flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotising fasciitis.

Such an infection could have potentially taken his life.

By the time he went to hospital, the bacteria from his leg had spread to other parts of his body.

Doctors removed most of the tissue from his leg to prevent the bacteria from spreading further.

Khan has been bed-ridden for 3 weeks

He will require treatment for the next 6 months to 1 year, including skin grafts and plastic surgery

Khan’s employer says his medical bills have reached almost S$100,000

The company insurance provides coverage for up to S$15,000

His employer is seeking help from migrant worker organisations here for financial assistance.

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