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MOE: Controversial Guidebook Identifying “Low-Class” Singaporean Behaviour is not on Approved Textbook List


The controversial guidebook, “Complete Guide to GCE O-Level Social Studies Volume 1” has drawn much ire from Singaporeans after its identification of “low-class” Singaporean behaviour.

Responding to public queries, The Ministry of Education has said that the guidebook is not on its approved textbook list.

The guidebook, written by Rowan Luc and published by MarketAsia Books is touted as a handy studying companion that supposedly supplements the official syllabus taught in schools in Singapore.

However, Singaporeans are furious that behaviour such as “using Singlish or different dialects in daily conversation”, playing “sports like soccer or basketball” at local HDB estates, “eating at hawker centres or at home” and youths who take “on part-time jobs during vacation” to meet “basic family needs” have been characterised as practised by those from “lower socio-economic status”.

This comes at a time when class-division in Singapore is in the spotlight due to the wage-gap and rising cost of living.

The MOE has said that all commercial learning material approved by the ministry will bear its stamp of approval on the front cover, or inside the book.





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