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Mom Cries Foul: Safra Playground Shirks Responsibility over My Son’s Injury and Treatment Costs

One leaked internal email has made a Singaporean mom’s blood boil.

She’s accusing staff at the Kidz Amaze Indoor Playground of refusing to accept responsibility over her son’s injuries.

Mom (Geraldine) Tham Cailing’s son was injured at the indoor play area of Kidz Amaze’s Safra Jurong outlet.

She suspects a set of cable ties attached to a pillar could have caused him to suffer cuts on his head.

After contacting Kidz Amaze, she unwittingly received an email from the staff which wasn’t intended for her, but a colleague!

The email, sent by a Kidz Amaze staff called Jasmine, says that checks couldn’t confirm that the boy was injured at the playground.

Jasmine said that Kidz Amaze isn’t responsible for the boy’s injury, and accuses Ms Tham of being demanding and making unfair accusations.

She adds in the leaked email that Kidz Amaze should not pay for the medical bills of Ms Tham’s son, even if any compensation was made out of goodwill.


Ms Tham has hit back, essentially telling Kidz Amaze to take its its goodwill compensation and shove it.

“So I shouldn’t ‘think’ KA should be responsible. It’s my foul luck that that my son is injuried in a kids indoor playground. Seriously I don’t need that compensation anymore. I have gain enough seeing the ugly face of this organisation”

She says that her son won bleeding, and needed to seek treatment from a doctor, followed by a a second check-up to see if the wound is healing.

“If there’s no blood at the incident then I really don’t know what is cutting my son’s forehead such that a surgical glue is required to close up the wound. She admitted to me that after I wrote in to them. They did a check and remove all the loose cable ties. It is very obvious that she doesn’t know that in situation like this doc will always ask for a follow.”

Ms Tham wants to warn others about her experience with Kidz Amaze so that parents can take precautions.

And yes, she did reply to that email-gone-haywire.



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