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More Returning Their Trays After Government Imposes Fine

In 2022, 95 percent of Singaporeans return their trays and crockery after eating at a kopitiam or hawker centre.

This is a 46 percent increase from the number in 2021, following a fine that was introduced at the start of 2022 for those who did not return their trays.

This was reported in the latest Public Cleanliness Satisfaction Survey conducted by Singapore Management University, which polled over 2000 people from July to October 2022.

The behavioural change can be attributed to the fine.

However, 78.4 percent of respondents claimed that they cleared their trays and crockery because it was “socially responsible”.

Respondents also felt that more cleaners should be hired.

When presented with a scenario of overflowing rubbish bins, 81 per cent felt more money should be spent on cleaning services, while 59 per cent of respondents thought cleaners were not doing their job effectively.

The government doubled down on punishments for not clearing trays on 1 Jan 2022.

Those who have been reminded but refuse to heed the advice of enforcement officers will be issued a written warning.

Those who commit subsequent offences will face fines of S$300 or more.

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