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Motorcyclist Run Over by a Huge Lorry, Barely Escapes Jaws of Death by Seconds

The chances are slim that you’ll survive being run over by a huge lorry, but Lady Luck was smiling on this 34-year-old Malaysian motorcyclist.

Last night at about 8.15pm, the motorcyclist was riding along Khalsa Crescent with another biker friend when a lorry that was driving on the opposite road made an unexpected U-turn.

An eyewitness, Mr Goh, said that the lorry then hit the motorcyclist, running over both him and his motorcycle in the process.

But heng ah, the motorcyclist’s friend saw that he was stuck between the wheels of the lorry and had not been crushed just yet, so he quickly horned at the lorry driver to stop the vehicle.

Said Mr Goh:

“The other motorcyclist saw his friend there and started horning for the driver to stop the lorry. Otherwise his friend would have been crushed to death.”

If not for his friend’s quick-thinking, it looks like the lorry might have crushed the torso of the motorcyclist.

As the motorcyclists’ friend went to check on him, Mr Goh called the police.

The motorcyclist was sent to hospital in a conscious state, and police are investigating the case.


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