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Naughty Ang Moh NUS Researcher Squeezes Beer Girl’s Buttocks, Gets Fined S$3000

He had been drinking since afternoon, and by 6.30pm that day, felt a little naughty.

So, National University of Singapore researcher Dymkou Siarhei called for 2 more beers, and when they arrived, he asked the beer girl to lean closer as he couldn’t hear her when she told him the price.

Then, when she was close enough for comfort, the naughty 39-year-old Belarussian squeezed her buttocks.

To go into more detail, the beer girl knew this was a naughty ang moh she was dealing with as he was a frequent patron at the kopitiam in Woodlands and known to flirt with beer promoters.

She approached him warily and had was made to repeat the price of his drinks 8 times because he couldn’t hear her.

When the beer girl was counting the money, Siarhei then squeezed her buttocks.

The incident took place on 22 July this year.

Other patrons saw what the naughty ang moh did and scolded him, and that soon turned into a commotion which saw police come down to scene and arrest Siarhei.

Even at the police station, Siarhei refused to give a blood sample despite smelling of alcohol.

Siarhei was fined S$3000 today for molesting the beer girl.

The maximum penalty for outrage of modesty is 2 years’ jail, a fine and caning.



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