Netizens Fume that Singaporean Family Complains about “Struggle” to Make Ends Meet” on 5-Figure Salary


“Ms Serene Lee, 37, said that despite her husband’s five-figure monthly income, a family the size of hers still struggles to make ends meet.

With her three children being of varied ages – one in primary school, one in secondary school and one in a polytechnic – Ms Lee said her part-time salary and her husband’s pay have been spread thin.”

Those opening lines in an article by The Newpaper have sparked much anger among Singaporeans, who complain that this Singaporeans family shouldn’t be complaining about “struggling to make ends meet” and demanding more financial assistance from the government.

So what exactly do the Lee’s spend on?

Ms Lee, a part-time clinic assistant, says she has 3 kids – one in polytechnic, one in secondary school, and one in primary school.

She needs to pay S$1800 a semester for her son’s polytechnic education, and up to S$400 a year for her daughter’s sailing CCA.

Ms Lee said that she hires a maid, and to add to her financial burden, she has to take S$50 pill daily after having had a heart transplant.

She said that her youngest daughter is struggling to keep up in school and might require private tuition.

All this, in addition to other bills and CPF contributions.

Ms Lee’s has urged the government to raise the income cap for financial assistance, give subsidies for larger families, and increase the Edusave allowance in Budget 2018.

Said Ms Lee:

“There are many middle-income families like us who are suffering despite seeming to make enough.”

Many Singaporeans have expressed their online about Ms Lee’s “struggle”.

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In 2017, the median income for families in Singapore stood at S$9023.

But if you think the Lees are having it bad, this “poor” ang moh couple living in Singapore complain they can hardly cope here on a S$29,000 a month combined income!



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