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Netizens Seeking “Justice for Abused Ah Pek get the Wrong Young Couple into Trouble!

In their eagerness to seek “justice” for an abused ah pek, netizens might have inadvertently gotten a young couple into trouble!

Over the weekend, a young man and woman were caught on camera verbally abusing and even body-charging an ah pek at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre because they didn’t want to share for 6 with him.

Much anger was generated once that video was shared online, with even a petition started calling for Social and Family Development Ministry to tekan the young punks.

In their haste, some netizens tried to nail the identity of the couple and lo and behold managed to CSI the pair of UOB staff and shame them online.

Unfortunately, those netizens got it very wrong.

For one, the young couple aren’t from UOB.

And, they aren’t even the ones in the pictures that have been shared.

The poor young lady in the photo even had to explain in detail why she couldn’t be the perpetrator, and demand that people stop shaming her by mistake.

The young couple remains unidentified.

But if you’ve mistaken shared a photo of similar to the one above, it’s best to remove it now to avoid smearing the reputation of an innocent young lady and her boyfriend!



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