New Disjointed Sheltered Walkways Leave Tampines Residents Drenched When It Rains


Two disjointed sheltered walkways in Tampines have got residents hot under the collar, especially during stormy weather.

Apparently, there is a gap of several metres in the roofs of each walkway, leaving them drenched and wondering whether the town council looked up the meaning of “sheltered” walkway before commencing works.

The first walkway is located near Block 882 Tampines St 84, where there’s 3 to 4 metre gap in the roof of the walkway that links flats in the vicinity to the bus stop.

52-year-old resident Mr Yang said that to avoid getting wet when it rains, “people have to make a detour into the multi-storey carpark in order to get to the bus stop.”

He said that that he has seen wheelchair-bound residents use umbrellas to shelter themselves because it is inconvenient for them to cut through the carpark

The second sheltered walkway is located near Tampines Community Club, where there is a gap of about 2 to 3 metres in the roof.

Again, residents wonder whether money has been wasted on building a structure that doesn’t serve its intended purpose.

Tampines Town Council has responded, saying that the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme is in progress, and that the multi-storey carpark and a new sheltered walkway at Tampines St 84 were built under the programme.

The town council said that it was only after the works were complete that it was discovered the new sheltered walkway was not connected to the existing one and therefore the gap.

The town council said that it will initiate works to link the old and new walkways.



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