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New ERP System: LTA Aims to Track Your Every Move and Implement Distance-Based Fees

You can run, but you can’t avoid ERP if you drive.

A new super high-tech ERP System is coming your way, Singaporeans.

The new system will see vehicles being monitored by satellite positioning technology instead of physical gantries.

Expected to debut in 2020, LTA’s chief executive says  “the system has the ability to provide the option for us to look at how we can charge motorists based on the distance a motorist travels within priced roads. And that opportunity exists because of the technology that is in place.”

Besides the possible implementation of die die must pay distance-based fees, the LTA hinted that motorists could be tracked using “real-time location-based traffic information” which it says is meant to facilitate route-planning.

The S$556 million contract for the new ERP system has been awarded to the consortium of NCS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia.

A one-time In-Vehicle Unit (that thing that holds your cash card) replacement cost for vehicles will be paid for by the government.

Motorists can choose to pay their fees using front-end payment via CEPAS cards, or backend payment using credit cards, virtual cards or GIRO.

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