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‘New Mobile Air’ Opens? Shop Run by Former Staff of Sim Lim Scammer Jover Chew Opens in Same Spot


Could ‘Mobile Air’ be back in business?

The store has been in the news recently for the antics of Sim Lim Square Scammer Jover Chew.

It has been closed for over a week.

Now, a new shop, HJ Mobile, has taken its place.

HJ Mobile is apparently owned by former Mobile Air employee, Ricky Lee.

Ricky explained that he had bought all the products in store from Jover Chew at a 20% discount and he was also offered a discount on rent.

Besides change in name and owner, the shop looks exactly the same.

The “Mobile Air” sign is now covered with a black sheet.

Besides Mobile Air, Jover Chew apparently owns several other stores in Sim Lim Square and other tenants at the mall explained that many of these stalls often change names.

Mobile Air had the most number of complaints against them with CASE this year and a notice put up by Sim Lim Square management had indicated to be careful of this shop.

CASE has taken out a court order to force the company to stop its unethical practices.

It said that Mobile Air is still registered as a company under ACRA and so they can still apply for an injunction against them.


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