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New Senja Gateway BTO Flat Owners Confront MP Over Shoddy Floor Tile Quality

Tile roughness, and even mismatched tile colours – these are some of the complaints which residents of the new Senja Gateway Build-to-Order HDB flats have raised.

But the most frequent gripe – stains on tiles which won’t go away.

So far, residents of the BTO flat in Bukit Panjang have raised a ruckus with their MP Liang Eng Hwa and the Resident’s Committee.

They’ve even set up a closed Facebook group, “Senja Gateway Building Issues”, to air their grievances.

A disgruntled resident says that shoe prints cannot be easily removed from the tiles, and even his renovation contractors used chemicals to try removing the marks, the stains remained.

The HDB had to send workers down to use chemical agents twice over on the tiles, for the stains to be removed.

The HDB says it has been receiving feedback regarding the tiles – how they are easily stained and difficult to clean.

It says the tiles used for the Senja Gateway BTO flats were tested for their quality, including anti-stain properties.

The HDB has offered polishing  and waxing services to affected residents, and according to the HDB, many residents have had their tiles polished and waxed.

Now, some residents are complaining that their tiles have been smoothened to the point of being to slippery!

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