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New Zoo-in-the-Making: Wild Boars, Monkeys and Snakes Set Up Home in Woodlands

We’re mostly coloured wolves here (yeah, cheena fells you’d get that one) but if we were pigs we’d still choose to live in Orchard where the pubs open late.

But these wild boars, up to 10 of them, have apparently chose to make their new home in the grassy field in the Woodlands St 41 area.

Besides the boars, there’s also monkeys and snakes there, say long-time Woodlands residents

One resident who has lived in the area for the past 20 years says he first noticed the boars around 2 months ago.

He has no idea why or how they came upon the area, but suspects that they were drawn by the lure of available food.

‘When residents go to the field to feed stray dogs, the wild boars will emerge.”

So far, there have been no reports of residents getting attacked by the wild boars, or other animals.

But Chinese residents who come to know about the wild boar sighting might be preparing their bbq skewers and animal traps, especially in the current economic downturn.


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