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Newly-Married Couple’s New Home Destroyed after Suspected Fridge Explosion

25-year-old Jia Jia and her husband had gotten married and moved in together just 4 months ago.

Their new love nest was a rental flat in Serangoon North Ave 1 and they worked hard to save money so they could furnish it as best as they could.

Sadly, a suspected fridge explosion saw all their hard work reduced to ashes.

The incident took place on Tues (11 Apr) at about 6.45pm.

Both Jia Jia and her husband weren’t home at the time.

Their neighbours were startled to hear the sound of a loud explosion and see thick smoke emerging from Jia Jia’s flat.

Fearing for their lives rushed to the ground floor.

About 70 people were huddled at the void deck wondering what the hell was going on.

Firefighters arrived swiftly and put out the fire and there were no casualties.

Jia Jia received a call informing her about what had happened and rushed home.

She broke down upon seeing the destruction to her home – a one bedroom and one living room unit.

When allowed to enter the flat, Jia Jia and her husband scanned the debris and noticed that the fridge was the most badly-burnt item in the unit.

That, and the neighbours’ accounts of hearing explosions led them to believe that it was the fridge that caused the fire.

Jia Jia says that despite not being very affluent, she and her husband had bought electrical appliances from reputable brands.

With help from the HDB, they are now living in another rental flat in the same block.



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