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Nightmare Ah Ma’s Weird Behaviour Scares the Sh*t out of Eunos Neighbours

The strange behaviour of an 82-year-old ah ma is causing much distress to her neighbours at Block 33 Eunos Crescent.

Of late, she’s been errantly tossing trash and spitting on the doors of neighbours who tell her off.

This has happened to at least 2 neighbours now.

One of them, 39-year-old salesman Mr Yeo, has had it particularly bad

He said that from August till now, Ah Ma has spat on his door at least 10 times.

Exasperate, he even lay in wait and caught her in action (above picture)!

Mr Yeo says the spitting started likely due to his wife.

When she brought their son to throw rubbish at the rubbish chute, she saw Ah Ma throwing trash just next to the chute and pointed it out to her son.

Ah Ma turned around and looked at her, then said “You want to complain then complain to town council. I’m a senior citizen, I’m not afraid.”

And then she began spitting on Mr Yeo’s door.

Another neighbour who stays near the rubbish chute area and prefers to stay unnamed says Ah Ma likes to throw her thrash next to the chute and not inside it.

As a result, there’s a lot of flies and other pests.

“Just because Ah Ma doesn’t like to throw rubbish in the chute, the pests enter my house.”

When he explained to Ah Ma the right way to toss the rubbish, she became angry and then started spitting on his door too.


It appears the Ah Ma’s behaviour strange ways started after husband died 2 months ago.

He fell down in the corridor of the flat and suffered a head injury, and passed away in hospital.
In her defence, Ah Ma says she doesn’t have the strength to open the door of rubbish chute.

She has also denied spitting on anyone’s doors despite photographic evidence showing otherwise.

Flustered neighbours have reported her to the town council.



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