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Not so Heng: The Real Singapore Co-Founder Jailed 8 Months for Sedition

After arguably throwing his pregnant wife under the bus, self-professed sh*t-stirrer and co-founder of TRS Yang Kaiheng has been jailed 8 months for stirring hatred to earn big bucks.

The co-founder of The Real Singapore pleaded guilty to 6 counts of sedition.

He admitted to deliberately sowing discord between Singaporeans and foreigners through a series of articles on the socio-political website that he had started with his Australian-Japanese wife, Ai Takagi, and a friend.

A pregnant Takagi had pleaded guilty to sedition charges brought against her in April and was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

At the time, Yang denied involvement in the website and chose to stand trial.

During his trial, the prosecution sought to prove that he was actively involved in the running of TRS, showing that he controlled the bulk of the A$550,000 in advertising revenue and, had a hand in the website’s operations, and was devising new ways to make more money.

Both Yang and Takagi were studying in Australia when they started TRS, and the website’s earnings went to buying an apartment and paying for Yang’s tuition fees.


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