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NSMan who Diligently Followed ‘Unlawful’ Orders and Subsequently Killed Friend Given 10 Days Detention

A former full-time national serviceman has been ordered to serve 10 days detention, after he drove a jeep without a licence. He crashed the jeep and ended up killing his close school friend.

Cavin Tan was ordered to drive the jeep carrying 3 other soldiers by Master Sergeant Lee Kong Kian, even though he didn’t have a Class 3 driving licence, and didn’t have any training in driving jeeps.

As he was driving down a slope, the 22-year-old lost control of the jeep as he was entering a bend. The three other soldiers were flung out of the jeep.

The jeep finally overturned and landed on its side, crushing one of the soldiers, 3rd Sergeant Tan Mou Sheng. He was sent to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital in critical condition , and later died from his injuries.

Another soldier, 3rd Sergeant Dickson Hong, suffered deep cuts on his leg, but he survived.

In his ruling, District Judge Low Wee Ping said that a positive outcome of the accident is that NSmen now know that they do not need to obey what appears to be an illegal or unlawful order.





  1. Seah Jeremy

    March 4, 2015 at 8:17 am

    really? the guy killed someone and the judge can still say there’s a positive outcome from this accident? if people learn to think for themselves this accident would nv have happened in the first place. the guy knows he doesn’t have a license to drive a jeep nor is he trained to do so yet he did it anyway. so if a superior officer asks him to jump off a building he will also do it isit? best part is this guy gets 10 days detention and the master sergeant who gave the order gets nothing. NOTHING. that’s so bullshit.

  2. alan

    March 6, 2016 at 4:28 am

    The poir gut who killed his best friend unintentionally will have to lives a life of remorseful and regret for his rest of his life.His friend already dead and cannit bring back his life.The punishment is enough for him to suffer throughout his whole life.let the chap go in peace.

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