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NUS Students and Staff Accused of Rape, Attempted Rape and Distribution of Victims’ Intimate Photos

The National University of Singapore (NUS) received 8 complaints of sexual misconduct between 1 Jan and 30 June this year

One of these complaints involved a staff member.

On 25 Jan, a student was accused of raping a member of the public outside university grounds.

NUS did not take further action, citing a lack of evidence.

On 31 Jan, a student who allegedly raped another student while they were in a hostel room.

The university issued a no-contact and the student was expelled.

The student is appealing the decision.

Investigations are currently ongoing into an allegation that a student tried to rape another student off-campus.

The student is also accused of keeping intimate videos and photographs of the victim without the latter’s consent.

That same student is also accused by another victim of filmed their sexual acts without consent and threatening to distribute the footage online.

Of the remaining complaints, 2 involve molest, while the third involved a student sharing intimate pictures of the victim online without consent.

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