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Office Toilets Regularly Choke so Building Management Removes Toilet Paper from Toilets, Workers Cry Foul Play

Office workers at Skyline Building in Waterloo Street have cried foul over the building management’s removal of toilet paper from toilets.

Some have called it a crap way of cutting costs, to the extent of a “human rights violation”.

The Skyline Building management says that it stopped providing toilet paper because toilets were found choked on a regular basis, and it couldn’t hire enough cleaners.

As such, it ceased stocking toilets with toilet paper 3 weeks ago.

Office workers in the building have called this a sh*tty move.

Said 38-year-old Mr Lim:

“If you’re supposed to manage the building facilities than you should make sure that basic things like toilet paper are provided for. How can you give all sorts of excuses then just take away the toilet rolls? Do these people know what it’s like to use the toilet halfway and find out that the toilet paper dispenser has no more paper?”

Another worker, Ms Tan, said that the move shows how sh*tty the building management staff are:

“We all have jobs to do. The job of facilities management is to make sure facilities are working well. If you can’t even do your job, then you should get the sack.”


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