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Oh Sh*t, Wrong Car: Sims Sh*t-Smearer Says Sorry for Targeting Innocent Aunty

The 52-year-old uncle who smeared his own sh*t on a chicken seller’s car parked at Sims Vista Market and Food Centre has apologised.

The man, Mr Zhou, said he thought that was his neighbour’s car.

In another twist to the tale, Zhou’s neighbour says their relationship over the past few decades has been good.

Zhou, who was arrested for public nuisance, had mistakenly smeared sh*t and threw prayer offerings on an innocent chicken seller’s car.

He had intended to target his neighbour’s car because, as he claims, his neighbour “always causes trouble” for him.

Zhou said that he did not dare to confront his neighbour, so he wanted to smear his sh*t on his neighbour’s car to vent his anger.

Unfortunately for the chicken seller, Zhou’s neighbour owned a car that was the same model, colour and almost-similar licence plate number to hers.

And for Zhou, it meant his efforts at taking a dump in a plastic container so he store sh*t to stain his neighbour’s car all went to waste.

Zhou’s neighbour says he is unaware of the incident.

He believe that Zhou might be angry with his brother instead of him.

Zhou says he hopes to apologise to the unfortunate chicken seller, and is willing to wash her car to atone for sh*tty antics.

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