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“Old and Ugly” Singaporean Divorcee Marries China National for “Big Ang Bao” and Free Lodging

Down on her luck, a Singaporean divorcee thought she had struck gold when she met a China national in a restaurant who could have been her saviour.

Mdm Tan, a 50 year-old divorcee who has a son, had nowhere to live after her divorce.

Then, she met a China national while dining at a Sichuan restaurant in Geylang.

Describing herself as “old and ugly”, Mdm Tan complained that no man would want her and she would have difficulty applying for a rental flat.

That’s when the China national, Ms Zhao, made her an offer – marry my brother and you’ll get free lodging and a big ang bao of up to S$3000.

Ms Zhao said that her brother wanted to find a job and the purpose of getting married was to smoothen the process of him getting approval for a visa.

Mdm Tan accepted.

While preparations were being made, Mdm Tan stayed at the home of a relative of Ms Zhao.

Mdm Tan and Ms Zhao’s brother subsequently registered their marriage on 6 February 2014.

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After the sham marriage, Mdm Tan and her son stayed at a room in Geylang Lorong 19 while Ms Zhao’s brother stayed with her relatives.

Within 4 months, Mdm Tan and her “husband” got divorced.

Ms Zhao has since been jailed for 8 months for her role in arranging the sham marriage.

She is appealing the sentence.



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