Online Scammer gets Screwed Gao Gao by Her “Prey”

Posted on Aug 12 2016 - 8:50am by Redwire Singapore

What’s the best way to turn down an internet scammer?

Given the climate of online cheats and sexual baiting-then-blackmail, it’d be good for us to know a nice, gentlemanly way to turn away these swindlers.

This is how James Peng did it (and probably how you should too) :

“KNN, I just blocked a young flirting bitch on my friend list.

She requested to add friend and immediately added her she PM me and start talking nonsense.

She asked me to download Skype as she wanted to video chat with me, blah, blah, blah…and rediculously saying that she is getting horny and she need me, etc…

She absurdly adked me whether l want see her vagina or not? KNN, you think l an so desparate for women parts har??? Fucking crazy.

I might be joking and fooling around to pass my boring time but l am not a cheapo nor chigolo.

I am a faithful Buddhist and keep to the 5 Holy Precepts at all time and l won’t fall for a junkyard bitch.

So, l told her to FICK-OFF!!!

我不是一个 随便的男人 !!!”



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