Orchard Dessert Shop Owner Sends Lawyer’s Letter to Customer who Left Her Lousy Online Review


Sara Chantelle Lim, owner of Fantasy Desserts at Orchard Gateway, has sent a lawyer’s letter to a customer who left a lousy review of her store online calling for her to retract her “defamatory” statements.

Lim, more popularly known as the blogger who was called “shameless” for throwing a S$40,000 sponsored birthday party, took offence at the customer for criticising the service of staff at her shop, and the quality of the dessert served.

A lawyer’s letter, over one woman’s opinion which Lim called “fake” feedback, about this thing below.


It appears that Lim wasn’t just angry about the bad review:

The lead-up to the lawyer’s letter was a similar shambles in public relations management.

Disputing the 2-star review, Lim pressed Celena Ho, the “fake reviewer”, demanding that she remove her review.

She also spammed Ho’s Facebook page with promotional videos any photos showing desserts from Fantasy Desserts.

The more Ho kept silent, the more Lim harassed her.


This, despite Ho deleting the “offending” post on her Facebook page.

Still, Ho added this parting shot:

Even with Ho’s Facebook account gone, it appears that Lim still isn’t satisfied.

Weren’t dessert stores in Singapore happy places once upon a time?

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