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Pa Jiao Gone Wrong: Catapult-Wielding Uncle who Damaged Office Window in Bird-Killing Attempt Arrested


Mynahs were a perennial source of discomfort for this 64-year-old uncle, who worked at a company located on the 3rd floor of Block 51 Bukit Batok Crescent.

Disturbed by the noise they made, he would use a catapult to fire pellets out his office window in the hopes of killing those pesky birds.

Last Friday, his pa jiao attempt was an absolute fail – one of his pellets wound up smashing the window of a company that was located in a neighbouring office building.

Said 37-year-old architect Mr Tan, who was shocked to find his window smashed and a metallic pellet in his office:

“At the time, my colleague heard a loud sound and discovered that there was a 3 to 4 cm long hole in the window, and broken glass on the floor.”

Police investigations led them to the 64-year-old pa jiao uncle, and he was arrested on Mon (9 Jul).

Police found in his possession 2 catapults and 75 pellets.

Stallholders at a kopitiam in the vicinity say the pa jiao uncle has been, well, trying to pa jiao since 2014 and has previously damaged at least one other office window.



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