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Paralysed Wheelchair-Bound Uncle Hunts Down Hit-and-Run Driver Who Pissed Him Off

If you think you can anyhow hantam an old man in a wheelchair and get away with it, think again.

This 51-year-old uncle decided he wasn’t going to take things lying down he was hit car while trying to cross at a zebra crossing.

The incident happened at a car park at a hawker centre in Chinatown on Monday (16 Nov).

Uncle Lim was just about to wheel himself across the zebra crossing when a silver car made a turn and almost ran him over as it made its way into the car park.

Uncle Lim said that the back wheels of the car injured his toes.

Even when he hit the boot of the car to signal that “Oei, I’m here lah, don’t run over me”, the driver wouldn’t slow down.

Furious, and probably possessed by a vengeful Liam Neeson spirit, Uncle Lim waited at the exit of the car park so he could confront the driver.

Even when questioned by a security guard and a traffic police office, this beaten but unbowed uncle refused to budge.

That wait lasted 3 hours.

Not seeing the driver, Uncle Lim scoured the car park in his wheelchair – a multi-storey car park.

Yes, he checked every level.

However, he still couldn’t find the car or driver and had to give up the search.

Uncle Lim is paralysed from the waist down, after he rode an electronic bike and fell into a hole in December last year, hurting his spine.

His only consolation is now is police investigating the hit-and-run incident.

Still, don’t piss off an uncle in a wheelchair just because you think he’s frail or handicapped.

You might not be as lucky as this elusive, inconsiderate driver!

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